San Diego – June 27, 2013

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Preferred Clinical Research Sites Network™ Launches 1st Phase of Comprehensive Investigator Registry

San Diego – June 27, 2013 – Preferred Clinical Research Sites Network™ (“PCRS Network”) announced today the formal launch of the PCRS Network Investigator Registry™ as part of its initiative to streamline and increase the effectiveness of site selection and qualification for sponsors and CROs.  The 1st phase of the registry incorporates comprehensive information regarding Investigator and site experience, therapeutic areas of interest, and capabilities.  Planned enhancements will include detailed information regarding past study performance within each therapeutic area, providing the ability to assess prospective sites based on qualitative data.

“Sponsors suffer increased costs and delayed study completion because too many sites are selected and initiated that do not perform up to their expectations.” said John Neal, Chief Executive Officer of PCRS Network.  “Although many sponsors and CROs have an internal site or investigator database, the data is often incomplete, out of date, and typically only contains quantitative information about the sites in their database.  Once our registry is fully implemented, sponsors and CROs will have access to rich qualitative data as well as quantitative data to support site selection.”

The PCRS Network Investigator Registry™ includes data for both PCRS Network and non-network members and can be searched based on any combination of requirements.

For more information about what information is available in the registry or to register as a Principal Investigator visit

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About Preferred Clinical Research Sites Network™

Preferred Clinical Research Sites Network™ consists of top performing Phase I, II, III, and IV sites strategically located throughout the U.S.  The combination of high-quality, high-enrollment, and increased efficiencies make for a winning combination for sponsors, CROs, and sites.

Sponsors need to accelerate the clinical research phase of new drug and device development processes in order to minimize the time required to complete clinical research and get qualifying drugs and devices to market.

PCRS Network simplifies the process for sponsors and CROs by providing access to member sites meeting the highest standards of quality and productivity.  PCRS Network affords Clinical Research Sites the opportunity to profitably grow their site by associating as peers with other high performing clinical research site thought leaders across the U.S.

Members are accepted into PCRS Network through a rigorous qualification process designed to ensure that only high-quality, high-performing sites become members, providing assurance to sponsors and CROs that PCRS Network members are top enrollers and meet the highest standards in the industry.

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