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Sponsors need to accelerate the clinical research phase of new drug and device development processes in order to minimize the time required to complete clinical research and get qualifying drugs and devices to market.

PCRS Network simplifies the process for sponsors and CROs by providing access to member sites meeting the highest standards of quality and productivity.

Sponsors and CROs achieve efficiencies and cost savings resulting from…

  • Sites pre-qualified for individual trials based on past performance on similar studies
  • Recruitment capabilities relative to study specific requirements and inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Geographic diversity
  • Access to special populations
  • Centralized budget and CTA negotiation and administration
  • Prompt turnaround time of regulatory documents
  • Increased productivity and quality of PCRS Network members via proprietary processes to share best practices in GCP, recruitment, and retention

Sites are strategically located to maximize enrollment potential and minimize sponsor and CRO travel time and costs...

  • Over ninety Principal Investigators at sites located throughout the U.S.
  • Continuous expansion to provide long-term coverage in all major metropolitan areas

The network includes member sites…

  • Located in the continental U.S.
  • Phase I, II, III, & IV studies
  • Inpatient & Outpatient studies
  • Each site is independently owned and operated
  • Central IRBs acceptable (or local Accredited IRBs guarantee quick turnaround of submissions)
  • Accepted through a rigorous qualification process ensuring:
  • High rates of
    • Enrollment
    • Retention
    • Completion
    • Evaluable data rates
  • Low Rates of
    • Queries per CRF (on average compared to other sites conducting the same study on prior studies conducted)

Hear what Sponsors and CRO’s have to say about working with PCRS Network in the brief video below.