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PCRS Network

Saving and Improving Lives by Accelerating Clinical Research

Every year, over 46,500,000 people die worldwide from diseases.

Inefficiencies in clinical trials add significant time and cost to bring lifesaving drugs and therapies to market.
By introducing efficiencies to the clinical research model, PCRS helps reduce delays and, ultimately, save and improve lives.

Sponsors & CROs

PCRS Network simplifies the process for sponsors and CROs by providing access to member sites meeting the highest standards of quality and productivity. We accelerate the clinical research phase of development to minimize the time required to complete clinical research and get qualifying drugs and devices to market.


PCRS Network is an exclusive network of independently owned research sites, working together to save and improve lives by accelerating clinical research. Only high performing sites are accepted to the PCRS Network. We work very closely with our Member Sites and CRO/sponsor partners to help streamline and accelerate the site selection process.

The combination of high quality, high productivity, and increased efficiency make for a winning combination for the Sponsor, CRO, and Site.

Only the best, most productive clinical research sites meet our requirements . . .
  • Members are accepted into the network through a rigorous qualification process
  • Historically high enrollment, retention, completion, and evaluable data rates
  • Centralized budget and contract processes result in time and cost savings
  • Prompt turnaround times on regulatory submissions and data entry
  • Continuous review of site quality and productivity metrics

Nutraceutical Clinical Trials Unlock Missing Revenue