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PCRS Network affords investigators the opportunity to profitably grow their site by associating as peers with other high performing clinical research site thought leaders across the U.S.

New Investigator Registry

PCRS Network

Member Benefits

  • Increased access to study opportunities
  • Better budgets and contract terms
  • Increased time available to conduct study visits and interact with sponsor and CRO
  • Access to Member Site best practices information and materials
  • Reduced “peaks and valleys” of study activity
  • Reduced risk from the concentration of studies from small number of sponsor or CROs
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Higher profits

Member Sites enjoy exclusive access to studies within their areas of expertise.  We have strategically targeted thousands of geo-targeted Sites for ease of travel by Sponsors and CROs and meeting requirements for high concentrations of target populations.

High Quality and Productivity Standards

  • Members are accepted into the network through a rigorous qualification process
  • Your site have a successful record of high enrollment, retention, completion, and evaluable data rates
  • Dedication to high levels of ongoing training and certification of personnel
  • Demonstrate prompt turnaround on regulatory submissions and data entry
  • Ability to work with central IRBs
  • Follow effective SOP’s and processes for continuous improvement
  • Database of pre-qualified subjects having expressed interest in participating in clinical trials
  • Access to special populations
  • Committed to share best practices with other network members via PCRS Network proprietary processes