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Feasibility PRO™ is the simplest, most powerful AI powered tool available to enhance enrollments in clinical trials.

Clinical research sites, referring physicians and medical facilities can effortlessly use Feasibility PRO™ to quickly and easily identify patients who appear to meet protocol inclusion and exclusion for participation in a clinical trial.  Designed from the ground up to be system and platform agnostic, no integration is required to utilize the power of Feasibility PRO™ to quickly match eligible patients based on protocol inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Sponsors and  CRO’s to create enrollable protocols, and identify clinical research sites to conduct those studies via transparent, de-identified patient records.

Designed with ease of use in mind, users do not have to have any technical knowledge, including understanding of clinical research, in order to query their database without providing any patient identifiable information.

Powered by the OpenAI platform, Feasibility PRO™ leverages artificial intelligence to find qualifying patients within any medical records database, automatically creating a de-identified output file that can safely be shared with Sites, sponsors, and CRO’s, bringing a level of accuracy and transparency to the feasibility process never before possible.

Feasibility PRO™ is a proprietary tool created by PCRS Network LLC, available for use exclusively under the terms of the PCRS Network LLC End User License Agreement (EULA).

To get started with a free trial of Feasibility PRO™ click the image below and provide your contact information.  As we are experiencing a high demand for access, please be patient and someone will respond to you as quickly as possible.