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Change is in the air – Part 5

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This is the fifth installment in the series on changes coming to the Clinical Research enterprise that John Neal, CEO of PCRS Network, LLC,  began in April 2016, with the prediction that “major changes are coming that will be disruptive, displacing many people currently working in the industry.”

John first presented that prediction, and those that have followed, at the ACRP 2016 Meeting & Expo in Atlanta in April 2016 in a presentation on the “Future of Clinical Research” during the ACRP Executive Summit on Site Strategies.

For background information as to what is driving the changes John predicts are coming, please see the first article in this series titled “Change is in the air.”

Based on his research, John made eighteen primary predictions at the Summit.  Because he based each prediction on numerous interviews, significant background data compiled in researching the topic, and other relevant information, we are presenting them in a series, with one or more predictions incorporated into each post, presented approximately weekly in the ACRP Community Online Forum.  You can find  each post here, with the details posted in the ACRP Online Community Open Forum at  The ACRP Online Forum is available to all ACRP Members in good standing.

John’s fifth prediction is. . .

Attention will turn more toward prevention, rather than cures

Visit the ACRP Online Community Open Forum at to read the details behind these and John’s previous predictions in this series.

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