COVID-19 Coronavirus Clinical Research Studies for Sites

We are receiving a number of COVID-19 and Coronavirus related study opportunities from our CRO and sponsor partners and they are asking us if we have Clinical Research Sites who prepared, willing and able to consider and quickly begin studies. If your site has an interest in participating in any type of study that PCRS Network can send you – whether now or soon, please contact us and we will get back to you immediately.

PCRS Network is an exclusive network of independently owned research sites, working together to save and improve lives by accelerating clinical research. We work very closely with our Member Sites and CRO/sponsor partners to help streamline and accelerate the site selection process.

Your continued work in Research is important to saving and improving the lives of many! In support of good health and family first, if you find that your site is temporarily shorthanded because some of your key employees, team members, or associates must now turn their time and attention from
work to the support and protection of loved ones and friends, we can help you to continue some of your critical clinical operations.

If you aren’t already, now may be the time to temporarily engage optional services provided to you by our PCRS Network Team.

New Member Site Request

Budget and Contract Negotiations

For studies a Member has been awarded through their own marketing efforts, including re-negotiations of studies currently underway

Accounts Receivable Management

Includes Billing and Collections where we work closely with your staff to ensure you are paid for all of your agreed upon budget items

Marketing and Study Placement

Enjoy study opportunities developed through our established relationships with many sponsors and CRO’s augmenting your internal marketing efforts.

I Need More Studies

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Our Promise


We are completely transparent with our Member's. Each of our Member's execute the final negotiated budget and contract directly with the sponsor or CRO and PCRS Network is the designated Payee. In other words, PCRS Network is transparent with our Members with respect to contract terms and budget. We do not negotiate a contract and budget between PCRS Network and the sponsor/CRO and then negotiate a different contract and budget between PCRS Network and our Members.
When you are awarded a study through the marketing efforts of PCRS Network we centralize study negotiations and payments. One negotiation for all PCRS Network Member Sites selected to conduct a study. However, the final decision to accept a budget or contract is always yours.